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Skater shapes
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How performance budgets help Wehkamp keep a highly performant website
Wehkamp are using performance budgets, the Status dashboard and Slack alerts to stay on top of site changes and make sure they catch performance issues when they.....
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Andy Davies
Improving Perceived Performance With the Link Rel=preconnect HTTP Header
Sometimes a small change can have a huge effect...
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Bigger, Faster, and More Engaging while on a Budget
Zillow give a blow by blow account of using SpeedCurve performance budgets to catch a rouge A/B test...
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How QuintoAndar increased conversion rates
A project focused on optimizing Core Web Vitals and migrating to Next.js resulted in a 5% increase in conversion rates and a 87% increase in pages per session...
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Speeding Up NerdWallet
NerdWallet shares how adopting SpeedCurve is "probably the biggest change we've made to ensure we are on top of our performance" by building "a culture that values site performance and measures it on a regular basis."..
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Crafting Faster Themes at Shopify
By keeping to performance budgets throughout the entire project, we’ve produced the fastest feature-rich theme in the Shopify Theme Store...
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