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Performance Culture

Performance improvement is a journey, not a destination

To make gains in web performance, your whole company has to be onboard with the concept of improving performance as part of development. We give you the tools and support to create a healthy performance culture at your company.

Easy setup • No credit card required
We are a small, approachable team that cares
We are a team of eight web performance nerds who want you to love performance as much as we do. When you contact us, you don’t get directed to a support center – you go directly to the team that designs and builds the tools you’re using. If you want proof of our web performance obsession check out our blog!
TV Mode
Keep your whole team up to date
Use TV mode to present your favourite performance charts clearly on a wall monitor in your shared spaces. This is a great way to make everyone aware of the impact of deploys on your metrics.
Curated dashboards
Hit the ground running with curated dashboards
Get started right away with dashboards that collate your performance data into clear focus areas – from design and third parties to business and competitive benchmarking.
Custom dashboards
Tailor your monitoring with custom dashboards
You know your site and your business best. That’s where custom dashboards come into play. Cherry-pick the metrics and data that are most important to you and track them over time. You can even add your own custom metrics – such as conversion and A/B test data – allowing you to correlate performance metrics with business metrics.
Performance budgets
Collaborate on setting performance goals
As a team, identify your performance goals, then track the metrics that help you achieve them. Help people feel invested in the performance of your company’s site by giving them ownership of their own performance budgets and making sure they receive alerts when budgets are exceeded.
Fire up your team’s competitive spirit
One of the best ways to get people to care about performance is to show them how fast their site is compared to the competition – showing side-by-side videos and filmstrips of your site loading alongside your competitors’ sites. Your Benchmark dashboard focuses on exactly that.
Performance Culture in Action
How Farfetch built – and scaled – their performance culture
Farfetch is always striving to be at the top of their game: "In a web application where everything counts to provide the best possible experience, we understand that performance is a crucial factor in engaging our users and boosting conversion rates."