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Make performance part of your development pipeline

The SpeedCurve API makes it easy to integrate with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Travis, and CircleCI. Get alerts when code changes break your web performance budgets. Compare test results for different deploys to pinpoint the cause of performance regressions.

Easy setup • No credit card required
CI/CD Integration
SpeedCurve can be integrated into your continuous integration or continuous deployment environment to test and react to performance issues. Typically it fits either in the integration testing stage, the post deploy stage, or both.
Easy-to-use API
The SpeedCurve API is an HTTP REST API that provides programmatic access to create, run and retrieve test results. You can also access your performance budget information and more.
Compare performance before and after deployment
Bookmark and compare tests to generate side-by-side comparisons. This makes it easy for you to spot any regressions. We highlight all the metrics and page resources that have had significant changes, so you can quickly pinpoint the impact your deployment had on site performance.
Get alerts when deployments cause metrics to cross thresholds
If your deployment breaks a performance budget, you’ll know about it right away. An email or webhook (Slack, Microsoft Teams) alert will be dispatched when the performance budget threshold is crossed.
TV Mode
Keep your whole team up to date
Use TV mode to present your favourite performance charts clearly on a wall monitor in your shared spaces. This is a great way to make everyone aware of the impact of deploys on your metrics.
CI/CD and API in Action
Performance testing in CI: Let's break the build!
Joseph offers use cases and best practices for how to integrate performance testing into your continuous integration and make it part of your acceptance criteria. He breaks down the pros and cons for breaking the build versus simply reporting regressions. Ultimately, you’re in charge of which option to choose.