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Consulting & Support

Make sure you’re getting the most value from your monitoring

We give you the resources and support to become an even better in-house performance consultant. When you need extra support, we’re here to help.

Easy setup • No credit card required
Easy-to-reach support team
We offer fast email support at When you contact us, you don’t get directed to an anonymous support center. You go directly to the team that designs and builds the tools you’re using, so you can be confident you’re getting expert support.
Consulting services
If you need an outside consultant to audit your pages or help with advanced configuration of your settings, we can help. Our team includes some of the most experienced performance professionals in the industry.
Support Docs
Comprehensive support documentation
We pride ourselves on our support library, which includes easy-to-follow articles and videos for everyone from beginners to experts.
Consulting in Action
From Milliseconds to Millions
Watch how Harry Roberts helped a customer A/B test their web-fonts using SpeedCurve, leading to some impressive results.