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25% Faster Hotel Search with Trivago
In emerging markets, maintaining optimal web performance can become a challenge: varying network conditions and different device topology cause issues. Thanks to trivago's rigorous testing culture, we identified these issues in one of our key emerging markets...
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Bigger, Faster, and More Engaging while on a Budget
Zillow give a blow by blow account of using SpeedCurve performance budgets to catch a rouge A/B test...
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Launching A Successful Redesign For 20 Million Students at Quizlet
When more than 20 million people use your service each month, how and when you roll out a redesign matters. When considering making a big update, we knew we had to make it better for our users not just aesthetically but also functionally...
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Tim Kadlec
Tim Kadlec: A/B testing Instant.Page with Netlify and Speedcurve
Tim walks through a demonstration of how to do A/B testing with Netlify and LUX, our RUM tool.....
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CSS Wizardry
From Milliseconds to Millions
How to use SpeedCurve to do A/B testing – in this case, testing the impact of custom font usage on bounce rate...
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Airbnb's faster, better trip to Linaria
Airbnb used SpeedCurve to ensure Linaria, their new CSS-in-JS library, delivered both better web performance and developer experience...
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