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Competitive Benchmarking

Set the benchmark for performance in your vertical

A fast website is a competitive advantage. Monitor your competitors’ performance alongside your own, and gain valuable insight into how your site stacks up within your industry.

Easy setup • No credit card required
Get visualizations of you vs. your competitors
Filmstrips and videos show you exactly how your page renders, from your users’ perspective. The goal: Get faster and stay faster.
Industry benchmarks
Compare yourself to the industry benchmarks
Browse our industry benchmark dashboard where we rank industry-leading websites based on how fast their pages appear to load, from a user’s perspective.
Synthetic monitoring of the competition
Get an in-depth understanding of your competitors’ web performance. We provide you with a full breakdown of your competition with 100+ performance metrics.
Request breakdown
Compare how your pages are built
See which of your competitors are most efficient when it comes to the number and size of requests required to load the page. Identify which requests you can eliminate or reduce in size.
Third parties
Gain visibility into your third parties
Benchmark the performance of your third parties so you can identify which ones are hurting your user experience. Remove unnecessary third parties and set performance budgets and SLAs with those you need.
Competitive Benchmarking in Action
Vox Media declares performance bankruptcy
Vox Media has made a name for itself by building big beautiful sites like SB Nation and The Verge, but those sites weren't as performant as they could be. They benchmarked their sites, declared bankruptcy and got on with the hard work of improving and staying on top of their web performance.