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Regression Monitoring

Catch performance regressions before they happen

Site speed isn’t something you fix once and walk away from. If you're not using budgets to fight page speed regressions, you're missing a vital tool in your web performance toolkit.

Performance Budgets & Alerts
Shipped new features to Unsplash and SpeedCurve alerted us. A bit of lazy loading, some React Suspense and we're back.
Thomas Lefebvre from Unsplash
It's easier to make a fast website than it is to keep a site fast. If you've invested countless hours in speeding up your site, but you're not using performance budgets to prevent regressions, you could be wasting all your efforts.
CI/CD Integration
We actually don't need to log in much. We've set up performance budgets and deploy-based testing. We just wait to get alerts and then dive in to fix things.
Patrick Hamann from Financial Times
Your time is precious. When we talk to our customers, one of the best things we hear is how much time they DON'T spend using our site speed monitoring.
Regression Testing
Had a third party degrade recently and got alerted by SpeedCurve. Raised with third party and they fixed it. Stats now back to normal.
Rockey Nebhwani from Walmart
Create performance budgets for the most important metrics
Performance budgets are a vital tool in your performance/UX toolkit. A budget is a threshold you apply to the metrics you care about the most – including Core Web Vitals. You can even create budgets for third-party scripts, like ads and analytics.
Integrate performance testing with your CI/CD process
Configure SpeedCurve to send you alerts – or even break the build, if you're testing in your staging environment – when your performance budgets are violated. Here are pro tips on how to set up continuous monitoring as part of your CI/CD process. (Yes, we even have a GitHub integration!)
Get alerts when your pages get slower and fix them
You get more than alerts. You get all the diagnostics you need to find and fix the problems. And when your pages are fast again, we let you know right away.
The Best Web Performance Team On The Planet
I love a good governance level article. SpeedCurve is one of my favourite products out there and the team behind it rocks!
Vinicius Dallacqua from Volvo
No time to keep a constant eye on site speed? No problem! Our team of world-class performance and UX experts is available to help you. We will:
  1. Set up your testing
  2. Define your metrics and budgets
  3. Identify regressions the minute they happen
  4. Triage your site speed issues
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Create a UX-first culture
Here's a collection of inspiring case studies from companies – like Farfetch, Leroy Merlin, GOV.UK, and Zillow – that use performance budgets and regression testing to stay fast.