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Here are all the great things you can now do in SpeedCurve

Jul 1, 2019

Hi there,

2019 has been a big year so far! In case you've missed our feature announcements – from JS error tracking to third-party performance budgets to CI/CD integration – we here at SpeedCurve HQ thought it might be helpful to send you a summary. 

(If you want to follow along more closely in the future, Twitter is a good place to do that.)

As always, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions, so please send them our way!

Until next time,
Tammy (@tameverts)

Monitor individual third parties

You can now track individual third parties in your Synthetic monitoring, find out which scripts block the CPU – and as a result, hurt the user experience – then create performance budgets/SLAs for them.   

Track JS metrics and errors

First-party JavaScript is a big issue, too. That's why we're excited to announce we've added two new dashboards – for tracking JS metrics and errors – to LUX, our real user monitoring solution.

Integrate SpeedCurve into your CI/CD process

The secret to a faster site – and fighting regression? Performance test in CI and break the build! We recently released an official CLI and Node.js API that simplifies running performance tests as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

New test locations

We've just added three new Synthetic test agents in Hong Kong, France, and Sweden. See the full list of test locations here.

More LUX metrics

Over the past few months, we've added a handful of new metrics to LUX – including First Contentful Paint, Connection Type, and Device Memory. 

Set performance budget alerts at the dashboard level

This is handy for those of you who have a lot of Favorites dashboards and need to configure performance budget alerts at the dashboard level. You can also send alerts to any webhook.

Correlate conversions to performance

Using LUX to track your conversion rates opens up exciting possibilities, including being able to correlate conversions with performance metrics. In the example below, there's a strong correlation between conversion rate and page load time. Charts like this are a fantastic way to get people on the business side of your company to care about performance.

Chart sizes and "TV mode"

Now that we've shown you even more ways to create compelling performance charts, the next step is making it easier for you to share them. We've created more sharing options – different chart sizes and a special TV Mode – to help you in your mission to evangelize performance throughout your organization.

"Light theme" for dashboards

Some of you asked for the option to select a light background for your SpeedCurve dashboards, so we've added a light theme. 

You can select the light theme in the top-right corner of any dashboard: