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Skater shapes

Waterfall with browser events

We've improved our already fantastic interactive waterfall chart with a new collapsed mode that highlights all the key browser events. This lets you quickly scan all the events that happen as the page loads and if you scrub your mouse across the waterfall you can easily correlate each event to what the user could see at that moment.

Along with all the browser metrics you also get to see our new hero rendering times in context. Click on any event to see a large version of that moment in the filmstrip.

If you want to dig into the detail of the network requests and how they relate to the browser events, just click "Expand" or on the background of the waterfall chart.

We've now made it even easier to correlate network requests, browser events and browser main thread with what the user is actually seeing as the page loads. All your web performance debugging goodness in one powerful interactive tool!

If you're already a SpeedCurve user, you can start exploring this feature right away. If you're not yet a SpeedCurve user, sign up for your free trial and check it out.