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Velocity: Better performance through better design

Improve web performance by improving your design process… it needs to be iterative, mindful, principled and visual.

At my third Velocity conference for the year (this time in beautiful Barcelona) my keynote presentation explored the ways in which a thoughtfully developed design process can lead to higher functioning teams and better web performance.

I start out by suggesting that before a project is launched the team must sit down and design the process that they are going to use to reach a solution. This process needs to be guided by a project specific set of principles, higher level than requirements, identifying the core ‘values’ and priorities of the project. A performance budget should be represented in one of the principles and will guide the team as they navigate through each iteration.

Small multi disciplinary teams are key to executing this better designed approach. An agile style of working results, one which no longer excludes designers but has the entire team -  designer, developer, researcher and the client, revolving around a prototype. Iteration after iteration is refined through the team effort.

Once again I talk about the importance of effective visualization for engaging the entire team and beyond, to the wider organization.

What tactics do you use in your organization to improve your design process?

How is performance incorporated into discussions within your project teams?

Are you working in Agile and are designers part of that process?

What metric are you choosing to share with the wider organization around your project - and how?

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