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SpeedCurve Consulting Services with Tim Kadlec

We're excited to announce that SpeedCurve is partnering with Tim Kadlec to provide consulting services to our customers!

Tim is a recognized expert when it comes to web performance. He has spoken at numerous conferences including Velocity, Fluent, QCon, SmashingConf, Beyond Tellerand, and WebStock. He wrote High Performance Images and Implementing Responsive Design, as well as contributing to other books. Mark, Tammy and I have each collaborated with Tim on side projects. We're full of gleeful anticipation as we look forward to this opportunity to work together again.

In the first sentence I mentioned that this is a partnership. Here's what that means: Tim will continue to do consulting outside of SpeedCurve, and if you're not a SpeedCurve customer we encourage you to contact him directly. Tim will also be running SpeedCurve's consulting services. This partnership brings special advantages to SpeedCurve customers:

  • This partnership lets Tim get intimately familiar with SpeedCurve. This allows him to help our clients set up and focus their SpeedCurve testing, and get the most out of the results.
  • As Tim works with SpeedCurve clients, he will learn more about what they need from SpeedCurve. He'll feed that back into our product development, resulting in an even better product and more successful customers.
  • This partnership provides a single billing entity for both performance monitoring and consulting.
  • A big area of focus for SpeedCurve going forward is our Improve section, where we provide specific recommendations on how to make your website faster. This is a fun challenge where we codify the knowledge inside the heads of performance experts. Since Tim will be identifying these key performance recommendations as part of his consulting engagements, he'll be well positioned to help make the Improve offering better by translating those suggestions into code so that all SpeedCurve customers can benefit.

Take a look at our Pricing page to read more about SpeedCurve's consulting services. Send us an email if you'd like more information or want to enquire about engaging Tim. And watch the Improve content as we try to convert everything that's in Tim's head to code (just the performance stuff).

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