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Happy holidays from your friends at SpeedCurve :)

Dec 1, 2021


Sometimes faster isn't better.

While we advocate for speed on the web, we also believe there's a lot to be said for taking things slow elsewhere. So instead of our usual newsletter, we've rounded up some research about the benefits of slowing down. Perhaps you can experiment with a few of these while you (hopefully) take a well-deserved holiday break. :)

  • Let someone else go first. Performing kind acts, even small ones, is good for us.
  • Take a new, longer route rather than your usual express route. It might boost your creativity and ability to innovate.
  • Be bored. Another creativity-booster – give yourself unscheduled time to be bored.
  • Turn off noises and distractions. Putting away our devices and turning off music, TV, and podcasts gives us a chance to take a breather from the incessant inpouring of news and other media. (It can also help your health.)
  • Get outside. Spending time in nature can lift your mood and give you the feeling that time has slowed down.

On behalf of all of us here at SpeedCurve, I hope you have a restful holiday.


Photo credit: Our own Elena Kay took this gorgeous photo of pōhutukawa flowers, also known as New Zealand Christmas bush. Pōhutukawa is important in New Zealand culture for its strength and beauty, and is regarded as a chiefly tree by Māori.