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Performance Budgets and Alerts

Know the instant there is a change in your web performance metrics

You don’t spend 24 hours a day hovering over your performance dashboards. That’s where performance budgets come into play. Set budgets and alerts on your metrics so you know when your thresholds are crossed.

Easy setup • No credit card required
Check performance budgets on each deploy
Integrate with CI tools like Jenkins, Travis, or CircleCI using our deploy API. You’ll be able to track the impact of code changes between deploys and get alerts if changes introduce performance issues that cross your performance budgets.
Get alerts when thresholds are broken
After you’ve set up your performance budgets, get alerts – by email or webhook – when your metrics cross your budget thresholds.
Budget Status
Check the status of your budgets at a glance
Your Status dashboard lets you quickly see the status of all the performance budgets in one panel, and then quickly drill down and investigate any metrics that are outside their threshold.
Set absolute and rate of change thresholds
Absolute thresholds allow you to set firm boundaries for your metrics. Rate-of-change budgets allow you to track rapid changes in a metric, giving you additional visibility into how volatile your metrics might be.
Performance Budgets in Action
Zillow discovered a bug that increased mobile image sizes by 4x
See how a SpeedCurve performance budget alert helped Zillow discover a bug that increased its image size on mobile by 4x: “Thanks to the alert from the new performance budgets in place, we were able to quickly engage, investigate, and make a hot-fix to eliminate the bug serving unused images.”