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Performance Hero: Estela Franco

Continuing our series of Performance Heroes, this month we celebrate Estela Franco! Estela is a passionate web performance and technical SEO specialist with more than ten years of contributing to our community. She loves to talk and share about web performance optimization, technical SEO, JavaScript, and Jamstack whenever she can.

By day, you can find Estela working as a web performance specialist for Schneider Electric in Barcelona, Spain. Outside of work, her contributions as a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a Storyblok Ambassador, co-organizer of the Barcelona Web Performance Meetup, and co-founder of the Mujeres en SEO community have made a huge impact on developers and web performance aficionados around the globe.

Estela has the winning combination of a web development background coupled with a background in business administration. She started on the marketing side, discovering the fundamentals of SEO and digging deeper into the code to learn how websites work and how to optimize for both robots and humans. This led her to specialize in technical SEO. With the announcement of the Core Web Vitals back in 2020, Estela made the decision to focus on web performance.

In her talk at in November 2023, Estela helped demystify optimizing for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) with a focus on LCP subparts. Her data-backed approach was refreshing, practical, and very useful. (We certainly took note!)

Here are a few ways you can find Estela and learn more about the great work she does in our community:

Please join us in celebrating Estela Franco, a true Performance Hero!

Do you have someone you'd like to recognize as a Performance Hero? Let us know!

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